Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hell comes to Toronto

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My daughter could easily have been a victim as just a day

before she walked that sidewalk

My feelings and hopes that somehow the people robbed by the deaths of their love ones can find a way to carry on. Incidents like this are a failure of society. When we marginalize and ignore peoples anguish they strike out.This guy was not insane he was mad because he could not get laid. What gave him permission to kill? I would say the phrase collateral damage.

When it is normal to kill and kill over decades with out an overriding moral authority, the governed lose sight of the reason not to kill. Everyone becomes a terrorist or a freedom fighter. To the true believers

killing on both sides is justified. Things are different today. Assume Jack the Ripper was the first, then a long pause and in 64 the first mass shooting in the USA. After that an acceleration, the Vietnam war

and now a mass killing almost daily. So our fight or flight DNA is twisted in knots and we become less human, and its a snowball to hell.

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