Thursday, February 22, 2018

Unleash the dogs of profit without future thought

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Oh yes the Soviets loved
Christopher Walkon
when he double crossed
the capitalist
who considered
him expendable
and thats the view
I have of the
world today
we are all
for the cause

President Bone Spurs
loves the military
Rush Bunion
exalts them daily
and everyone who
ran away from
the fight
when they \
had the center
mass and recovery
to be a warrior
is egging the world
on to war

The USA has troops deployed
in 150 nations
the Russians
just one as far as we
but maybe their
version of Blackwater
is dug in 
the Donbass

The USA spends
on weapon lets just
say a Trillion dollars
a year
the Russians not
even a hundred billion

So let me axe you
if you are Russia
why are you wanting
to fight the USA?

But right now
we have two
proxy wars
in hot combat
the Donbass
in Ukraine
and Syria
in the Middle East
Hotbox of 3 D
allies and enimes
switching daily
with deadly results
if you dont know
today they are
not your friend
but Orwells
shifting narritive
of foe and friend
and how its
always been
to the holi poli
who can keep score
when they names
keep changing back and
I just know my people
are going forth
to battle and dying
for something good
in the dessert
so far from home

This is how I understand
Syria and I have not read
a single book
just watched
tales of Templers on TV
Assad is a Templer
yes a Christian who
thinks the Pope smokes

He is a leftover of the crusades
the Muslims captured all the
rest of the holy spots
but Syria remained above
the fray except they lost
a lot to Isreal
but at the end of the day
it did not matter
the Golan was never
theirs anyway

If your the only Christian nation
in the middle east
to survive from the crusades
to modern times
you have to have 
made some deals on 
the side
plus when it comes
to dealing with Muslims
there is no carrot
only stick
and vice versa
in the wasteland
of humanity 
that is the 
middle east

Muslims are divided
between followers of the word
Sunni and followers of the blood
Shia. Syria bet on blood
and that meant
their biggest ally in the region
was the Ayatoolias
talk about hard
but it should be
clear that between 
the blood and the word
there is little choice
in a fight

So this situation simmered
for centuries until the newborn
baby Israel arrived in 1949.
The Jews believed they
owned the land of the people
of blood and the UN agreed

Many wars latter we 
are here
Israel allegedly 
arming the people
of the word who 
are blood thirsty
terrorists allededly
produced by 
the CIA
with the intet
to rid Syria
of Christians
because they
stuck their
nose in the wrong
centuries ago
just to survieve

Into this mess
comes fossil fuels
which lay fallow
in the sands
of time
and are easy
because its
gas and it
hardly needs
to be pumped
it flows

Guess what in
every equation
Syria is the choke
point on the map 
to get the gas to 
when the USA 
makes the offer
Syria refuses
and next thing
you know all
hell breaks
loose and Syria
looses everything
except a place
then the Russians
step in and everthing
becomes half way
normal again
and that the point
the story ends
but it could
be WW3
if greed
keeps getting
in the way
of common
how wealth
is created
and spent

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