Wednesday, February 7, 2018

a god we can live with

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

God is nothing but a human-made word. Deity too is a human-made word. To understand god or God we first have to appreciate that God is indefinable. Quite impossible to categorise or shackle to human-made logic let alone human-made laws. Sam Smith is an atheist. To have non-belief one has to have belief. The two are inseparable much like up and down, left and right. One cannot exist without the other. There is a single lack of proof that a deity exists just as much as there is a single lack of proof one doesn't. Once humankind names anything that which they have named no longer is the thing it was. To understand god one must first understand oneself and that I, and all things are linked. Therefore, God is a blade of grass, a star in a distant constellation, a bird in flight, cancer, death, life and all things that exist. Sam Smith talks only of one view of what is God. Science is but the tool by which we understand the unknowable, the unameable, the undefinable.