Sunday, October 22, 2017

The United States of Oceania 2093

Marvin Milvane Trump

Roughly the size of a pea, the brain of newly elected President of The United States of Oceania, Marvin Milvane Trump, rattled around his cranium finding no obstacles to hinder its path. Intellect? Zero. Integrity? Zero. Morality? Zero. Decency? Zero. Sincerity? Zero. Being the grandson of, er..., how shall I phrase this? 'legendary' Donald 'my anus is my positive feature' Trump had its ups and its downs, its positives and its negatives. One thing was for sure, Granddad would have been proud of his grandson. The apple hadn't fallen that far from the tree.

History recalled that winter, some seventy-five years ago when millions of inhabitants living south of Ciudad Juarez had flooded across the border just as millions of middle eastern Muslims had in concert with their South American fellows flooded across the border east of North Carolina. This sudden influx of humans set wheels in motion that not even Donald 'where's my rancid underpants' Trump's forefinger could forestall. World War Three ignited in wave after wave of missile attacks which calamitously ended in said gent losing his high rise wig and the world losing its last vestige of sanity.

Following the war, the world was divided into what has since been called 'Orwell's Orb.' The United States of Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia and a lump of land the rest use's as a public convenience.

Marvin Milvane Trump's part in the New World was to bring greatness back to a nation that no longer existed. But at this moment in time, he couldn't find his Teddy Bear let alone Kansas.

Donald Trump After Surgery 3

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