Sunday, July 30, 2017

The original immaculate birth

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What kind of birth control can prevent immaculate birth
Today we would not blink an eye 
at seeing a young person emerge
from a swollen womb
without the entry
and exit been
by a human

In Jesus day they must
have had the same
and it was a one
or the 
whole idea
has to go
in logical 

So talk about
Jesus in the real
and you get
the fumes of]
holy gasoline
as the advocates
speed off in their
and glance
at the Rolex to
see if they are
on time for the 
next miracle
of funding

Even the Jews
who more or less
with evidential 
historical PSTD
created the 
paranoid neurotic
hoarding culture
would never
he walked on water
and made a biblical
pop up McDonald's
with a liquor licence
out of a fisherman's

So what are we left with
today if we want the truth
and a path to sustainability
its sure not building arcs
and not eating pork

The situation is hopeless
if we do not act now
we are the masters
of our own universe
the problem is that
those with the power
only act in the here
and now 
like Gengis Khan
and others who
never had one 
second in their
coquest life
where they 
if this act
would indeed
be something
that bite them or
the thousands
of progeny in the
no they were raping 
and pillaging and
getting high
and never
about the cost
of making that

The time of raping 
and pillaging 
has past
but still it goes
on electronically
and the humans
not on the current
they are the walking

So stop look 
at what is going on
and apply our lives
to making a happy
planet where we 
can breath and 
bring a next generation
to a place in the sun

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