Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jobs that require warm bodies

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Well the list is endless today
tomorrow is another day
and I give you a case
in point mother

Pregnancy is so inconvenient
and their is a chance of pain
that would exceed 
any immunization
right now today
I can outsource any
birth to India
and in China
they will mess
with the DNA
in the hopes
of a best 

If Motherfuckers cant
get a hand job
whats left for the
rest of us?

The last line
the Marriott line
of the marketing driven
is the Marketing
who with a smile on
his face and his dick
in his hand
can close any deal
like superman

Superman the analytics
predict your just a dick
but it was a magnificent
very similar
to the one
of Geronimo

What happens when
the robots find
that robots
dont buy much
just some juice
and replacing
joints after
multi million

With nobody
they will
be the ones
exploring a
new market
some will
call it communism
and either way
you code
it it it
is the end
of humnity.

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