Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Murder Inc

Image result for images of Trump dancing swords
A lone wolf
according to plan
now is severed
endlessly by 72
virgins for taking
the life of 22 children

Can one blame Islam for this
its different than Priest endlessly
diddling alter boys
for centuries
there are no passages in the
Bible that celebrate suicide

All religions are nothing more
than control mechanisms
humans like all other animals
are nothing more than higher
level Pavlov's dogs

If the west really wants to stop
this plague
point out were all the funding
and thinking and
everything elses
comes from

Case in point
we have Shite
which you can say Iran
we have Sunni which
you can say Saudi Arabia
911 was a Sunni group
ISSIS, Al Queda and the Taliban
are all Sunni
Hamas is Shite
know your

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