Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dystopia is a man made enviorment

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I wish big Pharma and big entertainment and the industrial military complex had
a solution for nihilism.

Thats my anti dystopian statement
as if I should just take the F35 news
of destruction at every level
and use it to construct
a perfectly level
for the dark

Its never been darker
before the dawn
but nowdays
someone has patented
the dawn
and they went
and its tied
up in the courts

and until the settlement
its going to be dark


Hey Hey Hi
get happy
we are living in
a golden age
believe me now
and I will prove
it later
like the Trump
its all yellow or golden
on top with a shade
of rouge

Very unlikely we are going to blow
ourselves up in a nuclear war
hey thats great
All the slow steady ways to end
ourselves are all in play
but humans do this
always every day
drugs, eating
or lack of exercise
so all we got to do
is make the planet
do yoga
and we will


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