Thursday, February 23, 2017

Energy is the dicatator

The ten commandments 
are in situ commendable
for how can we live as
species if our number one
goal was killing everyone
who was not under our control

Its 2017 and everyone knows
natural law was a bust
that God did not speak
to one single individual
from every religion
and exclude the rest
from this most important

New laws for a new
time and our 
sheriff is a pyscist
who understand the
laws of thermodynamics
this is Gods thumbprint
on the security measure
made to prevent
crazy people 
from living

Transaction costs
they consume most 
of the energy from
any transformation
be it solid to liquid
or liquid to gas
there is energy
everywhere never
consumed just
changing like
David Bowie
killing Kieth Moon
and keeping 
Kieth Richards
alive forever

We need a new Opec
a world ruled
by thermodynamic logic
not oily politicians
I do not trust one
human one vote
because I have know
many dogs
that make better
decisions than
never forget
about the elephants

Surrender to science
and have orgasms
on demand
because that
is science
its Pavlov's
not radioactive
hiding in Fukashimas
olive Sky's
and burned out 
and massive
die off
that cant
be controlled

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