Monday, February 6, 2017

Cadilac has very very long lasting horns

the end of history
is not nigh
in fact the rebels
have really strongly
fought back
using methods
and sources
totally medieval
the masters of the universe
appear to have won
the world that
was once
considered a 
safe place

The masters of universe
live a life of debauchery
and think the moral high
ground is a place
for idiots to die
on a hill
of their own
mind control
and you 
should hear
them laugh
every time
another progressive
leader falls into 
a centuries old
well developed
totally flawless
human nature

The Bosss sang it simply
and his voice
is true
no need to have Elvis
he revealed the great
game is a tweet
all men want to be rich
rich men want to be king
the king is never satisfied
until he rules ever thing
Yeah all men are hopeless
silver backs and that the truth
so if we want civilisation
we need to put some concrete
hair dye for men 
for that

As far as I know 
Steve Bannon is not a History major
although its seems the understanding
history is his power

Don't doubt people like
him and they are always
smart and accomplished
never satisfied
always looking for the next
not realising the world
due to physics
not a spin
at the wheel 
of fortune

Have you ever seen 
the transformation
of a normal person 
into someone who is
they start to believe all
kinds of Tony Robbins
and in the end
are superhuman
until the end

Well boys and girls
thanks to Howard Hughes
and his spruce goose
we may be immortal
if you can afford the treatment
its all about telemarines
which are like seal team 
six on ageing
in your bloodstream

So what we need right
now is every history 
major or even big\
game players on the street
with videos of
call of duty
and Dead Island
to convince the general
populace that when
the masters of the universe
its the devil talking
and my Cadillac
needs new horns.

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