Thursday, January 5, 2017

I only come here when I got something worth telling to say

I am reluctant to share unless I think it may
have global love impact
thats why you do not see
me here everyday
but I do try out 
a lot of stuff at home
in other words things
I say that would
be attacked by
Tony Blair

and though I am not into
cruel behavior at all
there are certian people
that if any people should
die horribly fit in one

Yep dont like the Royals
and if you do
go to the store
and buy a sheeple
lic plate cause
your pathetic

I dont know if somewhere
there is a Disney Royal family
but in England
or great Britian
the history
is not pleasant
and in the future
we should forget
about such sycophat
no matter how
many centuries
made them
politically correct
same as in China
where for 6000
years cutting your 
cock off was seen
as public service
cause men
are a wonderful
institutin if you 
take away
the little mind

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