Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9 11

Osama bin Landen set a trap from America. He wanted the United States to enter into conflict with the Muslim world. His words can still be heard from the recordings he made. By his acts and by his propaganda he laid the trap and America ran straight into it. Oddly, the acts of 9 11 were not those of the country who America waged war upon.

Although he claimed responsibility for the planes that flew into the towers it was merely a machination created so as to achieve his larger aims. Since beginning their bogus war against terrorism, largely attacking the likes of Iraq, Syria, and Lybia, the United States have spent a staggering 4 trillion dollars in the pursuit of destroying what is effectively an idea.  As we all know, you cannot kill an idea. bin Laden's plan to bankrupt the world's mightiest nation appears to be working. The world's mightiest nation is now in danger of facing another depression.

Rogue intellectual Noam Chomsky, the scourge of American politics who latest book reveals the sordid history of a string of Presidents including the iconic JFK, along with the imperial acts that gave them global hegemony, disputes 9 11 as being a conspiracy. As does Julian Assange who's Wikileaks has been revealing more  conspiracy theories than a barrel load of  David Ike's. Assange's company have published a great deal of Hilary Clinton's woefully judged E-mails. The man, a left wing Libertarian (not to be confused with the 1972 American creation that is more Neo-Conservative than Libertarian) has, along with many others, been publishing the truth in line with the first amendment, about the flawed American system including both Republicans and Democrats. He dismisses any 9 11 conspiracies as, having scoured a multitude of official documents, misleading.

Probably the best conspiracy regarding 9 11, less fanciful than the current roster, comes from John Pilger who suggested the Bush administration may have had prior warning of the attacks but chose to ignore them better to rally an anti-Iraq emotion in the American public.
If there has been a cover-up, a conspiracy indeed, then one of more than a dozen or so journalists, possibly Wikileaks, will uncover it. I for one think John Pilger has, as he so often does, put his finger on what sounds plausible. It was all made use of to wage war and to free oil.


Oberon said...

...osama denied responsibility right away i read...and said it was forces within america who did it.

Russell Duffy said...

Mate,as we have said many times, something isn't right about 9

Oberon said...