Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jones Spaceman: Adventures with Mind Worms

Take a sheeple man
give him a plan
and its all easy
cause we are programmed
by a language
and if you can
hit someone
hard enough
with a language
they will
and do anything
its brown acid

All the rituals of any religion
I know says I am the one
I am the way I am the all
then by exculsion those
who do not believe
are heritics
of confrunting wily caveman
who use a stone age
to meld the minds
of men
they got the narrative
all we got
is Spock
and Eisnstien
to tell the galzzy
we are open
to party on every
astal plan
with the outside
to find the thing
that drives the brain
as smart as I am Iam
no way closer to
I know where I came from
where I am going
and if it make any more differance
than the smartest squirrel

Those of you that know
about the uplift wars
would think we stopped
at higher level mammals
but no
once we found out you
could make esentilly plants
siclicone valley
had so many wierd
and differant kinds
of planned babies
all sychronized to
quartz time
and all giving us
one more vote in the
Wolfpack of the

Jones Spaceman: Squirrel, Universal Supersoldier, Hockey Player

So to get back to the potential
astronaut hero squillel
I ran over
we found another
and uplifted that
nut bitter
to a astronauts degree
and then as badc
as we be
we sent his
furry carcass
accrooss time and space
with a cell phone
on auto dail
and credit
strong enought
to get the user

Johns Johns Jones keep it moveing
along there is nothing to see here
cause I am having problem with my identigy
the last keystrokes given
by evey hitaman that never had
the time to write
patsy on his plams
like he knew he
would be teh most
influentical hitman
in history.

They took down JRK
because he had some idea
how the world worked
and he knew it worked
incredablly well
for him just look
a Jaquinle and the perfect
this was the end of times
that projected me back
to 1964 or some time around
I often have to tell people
who think they know
I got a billion year old
squirel brain. No I never do
that but I still have hope
on the wide screen
I will do something
to save humans

spaceman was that squirrel
cause when the mastered gentic
he wanted to look like a superhero
little did we know in the trees and
branches up bizzy harvesting
the squirrels had bigger dreams
a few of them had seen ice hockey
and that looked a lot about a acron
game they already played
just because they had no idea
they should be
glad to be
it just was
Till he met the enemy face to snount
in a hard fought mech battle
with superconductiors push and pushed
until they sprotted or sprayed
fluids that if you got a drop
on you would send you to your grave
two ways
ride the painted pony
and take the trail
that bears your name

But it was something
about the smell of the reptiles
that brought his fighting spirit
and with all the squirrel power
every harnessed more than could
every be reported on a billion
years of Car and Driver
talking about the CVT.
its true I often wonder
what is the best transmission
for me?

I did that little lizard in
through observing
he was a cold blooded
thing and taking away
its sunshine was light
years away from hearts
and minds
we knew right from the
no sense to communicate wth
these things
they smell and belong in
aquariams not
talking about free
trade in a Lizard

Just to be clear if your
nav does not work
its a computer youf
fucking jerk
it never works
its on such a high frequency
OS high
if your telephone was
a skyscraper
as pillars
they would use
a hunderd statutes
of liberty
on top of the flying
buttress of blades
so hard
that they came
from dam ASKL
a million years

There it was said
Jones Spaceman
and if this is confusing
for you me is eye
and its watching
as you go to and frow
and judge jury and exisistore
deciding if you live or die
with just the data you
reveal in a three
week peek
in six months
I could change
your sexuality
is so composed
but I have not reason
to do that
cause when a CLINT  ON
kills is always a blast
clint eastwood movies dirty harry 1971 do you feel lucky punk
But I am Johns Spaceman
the squirrel that became
kur del la
and a inter galactic
mens club member
at the finest establishments
and there on earth
he decided to play
hockey cause
he was board
and he had
this 21 g
develolped body
its was not pretty
but if you want
to survieve
the first strike of
an axe to the head
I am sexy. Most people
say I am hotter but not
as successful as the Stainless
steel rat.

Peter Elson
Rat owes me money
or something we traded
for a billion years
in the past
but like all fragments
of agumentented
there are some
touchstones that
will last
and I touch them
then blow his rat
head off
cause I hate rats
just hate them
and given a choice
of peace with
a ratface
I am just going
to blow it off
fucking rat
to bad the sewers
dried up bro
we are going to
shoot your fucking
ass face furry asshole
with teeth every time
its shows
and it will alway
be twelve gauge
cause it more
effient and less
than the double tap

So now your thinking
just like Jones Spaceman
the human who had once
been a squirrel
was linking blinking
in a crosswalk of data
that somehow he had
a bit under control

He had been uplifted
in a lab well known
for great quality control
but they liked to sell
a little pink kitty to
anyone who would
pay for more
and did not ever
ever ever
have annoying
behaviors like
knocking on the door
cause of the smell
from all the dead
bodies God
put in my
swimming pool
and I am trying
to clean it of
these strange fruit
and leaves
and then I realize
I am being punked
is it cause i stopped using
chlorine in my pool god
but I could not go with
sa l t cause its just a pocession
of facts decision pooor pool
score and I do not want
to be dramactic
but you know
if we were all fachist
we would absoulutyu\
know the score\
you gett maximum
credits from being human
and just eviserated
for being the bro
that asked why
why why do they
take the balls and make
them dry it makes
no sense
to me if I was going
to torture someone
I would shoot myself
first cause I had
lost my mind

James Spaceman
the former squirrel
a billion years from the
past in a war with squirrels
an space reptieles
who hated
to be called
lizards fought
and mammels
we bootest simmians
with protruded jaws
especially the dolphins
some times get all
sensitive about
the definition
of beauty
in the coll3ective\
little doplhina

Has beeen
beeeb  been beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee totaly honey
no Royal Jelly here, and the day Royal Jelly is realized the age of monarchs
should supside. Thats the mission of me Jones Spaceman a fuckecd up human
back on earth after a billion years. I was a fucking squirrel on Mars for Gods sake
and now I have to save a planet full of nuts even though
I dont eat nuts anymore
and I take that as an insult
because can no one
I ever talk to anywher
stop mentioning  I used
to be a squirel
and then all want
to know
when you come to
the crossing
how do you decide
to move backwars
or for wars
its a simple
do not suggest
a bacckx

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