Monday, August 29, 2016

Frida Pushnik

In a 1966 interview, Miss Pushnik told The Orange County Register that she had never resented her condition. ''I never said, 'Why me?' That would be a wasted emotion. You can ruin your life like that,'' she said.

From the beginning, her mother insisted she do as much as possible for herself. By holding things between one small stump of an arm and her chin, she could feed herself, sew and crochet. Her brother remembers her going sledding, and laughing uproariously when she fell off. She also received an award for penmanship.

In 1933, Robert L. Ripley, creator of ''Ripley's Believe It or Not!,'' heard of her and visited. He put a cartoon of her in his nationally syndicated feature, calling her ''little half girl'' and misspelling her name as Freda. He then asked her to appear at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1933. Freaks Trailer

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