Sunday, August 7, 2016

Astral Plan Disease

Walking through Astal Weeks
in springtime
was my mistake
now I cant trave normally
on earth

I cant accept a worl
thats not
because thats how
I see everything
dispite the fact
if you listen
reguralyy to me communicate
its verbal diarihaa

But I am mumbling on every doorstep
thanks to the internet
and its true I cant 
ever remember the the last 
thought that ran trout
my head, my head
trust that guy mor
than anyone else
but its not important
because on the weak spots
I often repeat myself

The answer does not blow
on the wind
it plows through 
the hareems of the primates
and how much of that
remains in a man
and history teaches'
us more than enough
to make humans

Math driven people
would in a millisecond 
figure out this equation
but humas are anolog
and anyone bringing that 
solution to the powers
that be
would face
instant termination

We all should have hope
and women should fear
soon robots will
take care
of everything
and Skynet
is always

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