Monday, July 18, 2016

Augmented reality may replace the spoken word like writing

Augmented reality has the world playing
pokeman go
but walking
so asleep
into traffic
that remains fatal
in the real world

Still its a wonderful thing
for a globe to shake
mostly like
a united earthquake
and likely realize
we are all samuri
and our swords
work better
or pixalized
at least

Imagine if you will
in the age of pen
and quill
conductucting great
wars on unknown geography
when the chain of command
worked on a six to seven month
timeline at best
still the English conquered the world
will bright red vests
that made perfect targets
and this was the message
you can shoot us
but you will never see
us bleed

Today everyone
knows more about
war than Napoleon
if they want to
and by osmosis
if they dont
cause in every hood
is  a drone
and they are not there
for you

I am not part of the Reddit community
not really a social particpant at all
a old fashion ionclast
who seeks approval
from few if
any at all

Seeking approval and acceptance 
are the deadly sins of the digital age
be brave, be brave. littte piglet
do not be afraid to 
be yourself 
and your true actual
friends will do the same

False empowerment is the herion
of the digital age
Its the NBA of college 
where no one who graduates
can read or write
just more bits and bytes
for the server
to assimilate
in a way
that leaves humans
in a worse way

I want to shout in frustration
at the future I see unfold
like Ray Bradury
who wrote not to predict 
the future but to prevent
it from happening
and he has proven
to be way way

I studed history and was a history stud
and I see nothing but anarchy
in the flood of progress
that is owerwhelming us
if we could just hit pause
and sort things out
we could be free
of the man

Lets break it all down
for the ignorant
with finite anyalyis
just because a number is to 
big for you to understand
does not mean it does not 
exist or that there is a man
or women who somewhat 
understands it
because you could go to school
for a million years
and never have
their comprehesion
and in that you must 
believe or
the planet
will just fucking leave
and what we call civilization
will sieze to exist

Science math are not black white or purple
they just are
Gods words if he is not spagetti
but even on the best plate
you can not ignore the fractuls of realization
that the world has a blueprint a
a foundation of logic
we have just barely touched
and those who deny
are working on 
short cirutigy 
scientific overlord

Just like the doctor 
is not the best businessman
despite their wealth
the scientest
is not the best messanger
to distribute the wealth
but that is the answer to everything
because people who need nothing
are capable of doing amazing
and real people do not work for 
we work to have a good
time at the local fair

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