Sunday, July 17, 2016

Black lies matter, but White ones matter more

Are there any historical examples of people getting along?

Some would say today's Canada is the best example
and I would second that
but duplicating this history
is impossible
most of our tolerance and accommodation is built upon centuries of
bad blood between the French and the English

when I look back at relatively recent history
the Holocaust, the Vietnam war, the slaughter of Chinese in Malaysia ;and Rawanda

I find it hard to be optimistic about the situation
in the USA today.

Its clear there is no justice for the black man
what we call carding up here
is way worse down there
the jails are filled
with the permanently disenfranchised
no white jury will every convict

The first solution is to do what the Republicans have
been doing for their culture
 since the Reagan years
make crimes no longer criminal

so prostitution, drugs, gambling should all be legalised today
and all non violent offenders since the stupid wars of morality began
should get a full pardon and new electric car.

Secondly the second amendment needs to be repealed
the evidence is overwhelming
or do other countries not exist in the American experience?

Thirdly America needs to look inward, start spending those trillions making America better,
not being the security force for oil pipelines.

Finally remove the tax free exemption from the religious industry
and make all levels of goverment completely secular
no prayers, no crosses, no funny hats or special foods
if you choose to get your money from the people
you work in a secular way
and a variety of holy books to swear on
and as a Pastafarian I would chose a Hienlien novel.

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