Friday, June 3, 2016

Antisemitism by Zionists


Steve said...

I am a culture junkie and have the street creed of traveling to most parts of the world to back it up. Never been to Isreal, dont believe in the first testament, but I know if there is a culture the world would not regret emulating its the Jewish one. The Koreans, Japanese and especially the Chinese are way more Frengi than the Jews. If you think Jews are about money
thats your opiion, but I say that culture is the thing they bankroll.

Steve said...

Russell Duffy said...

I love Jews. That is why I posted this. Judaism is anti-Zionism. As any educated person would tell you the two are not the same.Your desperate need to appear liberal is wrong as it doesn't pay any attention to what Jews have to say about Zionism. Should you care what Jews have to say, how they feel that Zionism has stolen their identity then type in Judaism vs Zionism on Google and find out for yourself. Also, check out Rabbi Yakov Shapiro, Shlomo Sand, Rabbi Dovid Weiss and Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and a host of other Jews all of who dislike Zionism.

As someone who has an adopted Jewish big brother; as someone who loves Jews, I get easily offended when those keen to be seen as supporting the Jews, in fact, do the reverse.

If you were to listen to what Jews have to say about themselves you would understand that they are not a race but a faith. That faith, by command of their never named God, instructs them to forever wander the Earth until God sends down the Messiah. This they accept as they are orthodox and true to their faith. Anyone who persecutes Jews or causes them hurt deserves condemnation. I don't. I support Jews.

Your having 'street cred' (whatever that is) does not mean you are well informed. I am quoting orthodox Jews here not condemning but supporting them. Had you watched all the videos I have posted here you would have seen Rabbis disparaging Zionism because Zionism and Judaism are not one and the same thing. One follows Judaism the other is a secular nationalism.