Friday, May 6, 2016

Waiting for the big one

Chronologically I am 57 years old
Biologically I am under 40 for sure
compared to my compartment
Physiologically not a day over 19
so with trepidation 
but not every day
I wait for the big
the unifying theory
that gives me the big
knocking all the lifelines
into a singularity

How many people out there
feel star crossed?
I do and have good reasons
it does not mean for a second
there is any truth
some people just
cant handle good luck
and its seems to be no more
than that
I showed up and x happened
Halliup praise the lord
Allie Akibar
and Thor's hammer 
and Odin
who is my fav at the momen6t
due to all the Vikings doing

Is Planet Gia all 
animal droppings?
If you look at the world
thinkingaboot it
its not all nonsense
The Zika virus
global warming
global instability
leading to death
these are all 
positive factors
in believing 
GIA knows best

In California the crucible of modern man
and in Tokyo the past present mensuration
of living God
the earth the earth 
is very close to a revolt 
that will shake the foundations
to the core
and make the people
do we rebuilt
or ask for more?

1 comment:

Oberon said...

...thanks steve...i used to live 20 miles from the san andreas fault and have felt its power.