Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trump Ahead of Clinton - Time to Vote Sanders




The poll shows Bernie Sanders has a 46-42 percent advantage over Trump in a hypothetical matchup.  Sanders was up by 53-39 percent in April.  However, the Vermont senator trails Clinton in the Democratic nomination race by what is considered an insurmountable number of delegates.
This reveals just how wrong not only pollsters but also the electorate has misjudged Trump. With Hilary Clinton now firmly in his sights, armed with all the lies and litigation hanging over her head, trump will move in for he kill. Ironically, the much overlooked Sanders, fares better in the polls than Clinton in beating Trump. 
Bernie Sanders is nothing like a radical. However, he is a true progressive and one nott burdened by lies and deceit or an ego big enough to sink Bolivia.


Oberon said... misspelled not.

Russell Duffy said...

No, I haven't. That is what is known as a typo. It happens all the time in the print trade specifically in newsprint.

Steve said...

If Clinton realy believed anything she says, she would bow out now.

Russell Duffy said...

Steve, I think the problem you guys are faced with is that the Democratic establishment believes she can beat Trump. They are ignoring Bernie Sanders as they either don't like his views or fear the public will see him as being radical. He is not a radical. When you get all the polls together (see Young Turks TV) Clinton and Trump are now neck and neck but when you compare Sanders to Trump, Sanders is way ahead. I think the Democratic elite are overlooking that fact and are backing someone who allegedly tells lies, who sanctioned the overthrow of a legitimately elected Socialist government in Honduras, a coup if you like and who's husband appears to be a serial rapist. I think they, and all of North America, are going to regret that oversite. Trump will maul Clinton.