Monday, May 30, 2016

The Death of Freedom

You move to the left seeking what's right
Then light the candle to guide your sight
You think you are a free man in a world of fools
But freemen are nothing but slaves, but tools
The Empire crashed in forty-five but the dream
survived, Imperialism's alive.

They work thirty six hours to make you shoes
Corporates uinterested in their views of
What is just, of what is fair so long as the dollar
increases its share. As long as it does what do you care?
The flags still fluttering, the nations still there.

The Union Jack is red, white and blue
The Stars and Stripes of similar hue
You'd have thought the New World
Would learn from the old but no you've
Made it bigger, your hearts just as cold.

Its a chill calculus where Corporations rule
In America, In Britain and in the EU
The third world exists in a debt of our creation
All subject to the dictate of one single nation
Raise your filled glasses up high to the sun
Democracy has died State Capitalism has won

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