Thursday, May 26, 2016

Supertankers are always afraid of Crytomite: Edward Snowden Edition

The supertanker of improbability keeps sailing on
around the world every harbour is open
but not for long when they realize
whats being carried
and just how toxic it can
an so old
millions of years or more
I am told

Who wants old smelly sticky stuff
these days?
Ok its realisable and pr oven 
way to keep winter away
and let you travel in comfort
but while the upfront cost is minimal
the lifecyle costs
are unsustainable
so why buy
when long before it
you will die

I loved you big time
for your vehicles 
never knowing
a kilowatt
could do the same 
but better
its just we did not try
cause the powers with the 
foot on the gas
were all made rich
as oil guys

Remember the EV
the GM false flag
to electric
that was such a red herring in disguise
it actually worked so 
well they had to kill it
the Dealers did not 
like no maintenance
so they said so

I love you electric 
but I am an oil man
we are decades
away in any shared destiny
and yes your beautiful and clean
the kind of a youthful dream
that makes a great trophy wife
but man, its never going to last
cause she is going to find someone
her age or your going to die

I am the captian of the supertanker of improbability

I have sailed through earthquakes
you call them tsunamis
and big waves made by
who knows what
still I float
and to the world
I am all that they

Suck Suck Suck on the dogma 
of modern economics
a proof of a proof
that has not proof'
like immaculate conception'
just an overriding belief
and a lie told 
over and over

Free trade never exist
zero sum game
means someone has to lose
in a comparative advantage
now in game theory it all works out
in reality
we get Goldman Sachs

The invisible hand
its called greed
rape and pillage
and slavery

Child labour
and every other
horror under the sky

Star Trek economics
we call it communism today
but its a military mindset
with egalitarianism
and merit
to tell the truth
all militarism today
advertise they 
are communist at
the core

Thinkaboot it!!!!!!!!


Russell Duffy said...

Old sticky stuff sounds like my sex life.

Oberon said...

...suck suck suck on the dogma...good one steve.