Monday, May 9, 2016

open your eyes


Russell Duffy said...
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Oberon said... it possible...has it ever occurred to you that you might be wrong ?...don't take my word for your own research.

Russell Duffy said...

Yes, it has occurred to me which is why I expect everyone to do as I do, as science does, examine the facts, re-examine the facts and then do it repeatedly until there is no room for error. Much in the way Darwin has yet to be proven wrong in spite of scientists re-investigating the data for over one hundred years. It is like Newton's discovery of gravity, it is empirically correct. In other words no one can disprove either evolution nor gravity. They are fact.

I repeat - the Twin Towers were attacked by terrorists. All the data thus far gathered proves that. However, building 7 is an entirely different thing. As Noam Chomsky says (recognised as one of the world's most logical of minds) insufficient investigation has provided insufficient data. If people who think building 7 was a case of the USA government blowing up a tower block, then they need to provide documented arguments to scientific journals as has been the time honoured method. Anything less is merely supposition, not evidence and certainly not proof. Science forever disputes its own findings. If only that blueprint could be adopted by all who so desperately want to believe in each and every conspiracy theory that is fashionable.

Ted Cruz is a wonderful example of some nutter who sees earthworms as replicant humans or golf as being a fascist attempt to control the world. He grabs at issues without having anything like evidence. He believes that the environment is perfectly OK, that there cannot be another flood as God has already done that act so will not perform it again.

Jiddu Krishnamurti asked us all to think for ourselves. He did not suggest opinions replace hardcore fact.

There are indeed many conspiracies that are not theories but surely not everything we see is to viewed as such? No matter how many vids there are on YouTube, none of them amount to a single shred of proof without first having gone through vigorous scientific analysis.

As for doing my own research....I DO, which is why I ask, no demand, that we all apply the same rules to issues we suspect as being a conspiracy.

Steve said...

what about an evil fire?