Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Murder Mystery on Noahs Ark

Wa habi's sitting pretty
without a single care
multiple pneumatic deveices
one for every day of the weeek
if one gets old
you do not even have to trade
just make a deal
for a new 12 year old

This goes on every day
in oil rich parts of the world
and worse happens
when they have no money
so lets stop calling bees
who only sting
something like honey

Every religion has silly hats
and tats
and supernatural tenants that
make it special
and all believe in love and peace
beneath their sword
beneath their vengeance
beneath the expulsion
or death
for the blasempmahs
for the mind that can
not except thier God
is a virus worse than
needs to be terminally wiped out
the one time that religion and science
its over imoluuigy

Religion is a powerful thing
its is the primary OS of
the lizard brain
all data must go throught
that firewall
to keep safe
the secret
that religions only
purpose is to rule
us all

I grew up a Christian in a small town
where an Orange God
and a Catholic purple God
were in constant conflict
and at the local
it meant children of differant
Gods could not fall
in love
but for sure they did
and the fathers
dammed them to hell
for that
just being faithful

All the great religions
have very bloody pasts
but today its 2016
and we can all mostly do
and taking blood for religion
is just the last resort
for the ultimate

A fool who cant
see the world is
more than just God's
no its a human artifact
we control our future
stupid and unworthy as
we are
humans are the ones
driving this armoured car

Our driving is very erratic
if God was a cop
for sure he would pull us over
for driving drunk

I have no special hard on for Islam
I could live real nice in KL or even Jakarta
Ipoh or Penany
all places where if
you want to live
you got to pay
the Muslims
a dime

A revolution is comming
its comming quick
when the body politic
says religion is trash
its waste on our brains
its a control system
now gone insane
because everyone realizes
it was all Kardashian
and not based upon

You can draw lots of blood from
the lizard mind
but due to evolution
thinkers will come
and drink that blood'
like cum in the face
and declare
its full of AIDS
for human kind
and I will die
to save my son
and my daughter
from you
of human nature
who believe
we will not find out

Case study's are the way
to look at any failure
and for humanity
this is a big file
but we should never
close the book
humans every day
are advancing close
to Gods
with gillglions of keystrokes
and AI brains
and we wil be Gods
within my lifetime
I just hope the bureaucrats of hope
wANT  to persevere my Genome

Case study at the crime scene or
maybe it was an act of God
or maybe the surviers
thought they were blessed
and told the twisted tale
like Jonah who rode
around the world
powered by a Whale tale

Case study of Noah
who like most celebrities
has no last name
because he saved humanity
with just one boat
and who was aboard that thing
that would never float
a zero percent of biological
I suggest it was just

Something bad was going to happen
on the environment supporting life
and NOAH was commissioned
to let the earth recover
from this impact
and so committed by GOD
or some other beau racy
named Good Outcomes Division
gave him a massive task
at first he said I cant do it
I have not got the power capitan
but then spock did a mind meld and
here we are

Case study today
we uncover Gods secrects with
expotentaial discovery every day
its a race between reason
and discovery
a drag where
the future is not
welcome by
the Kings and  comprises Queens
because for sure if they were
women they would refuse
to vote for
a Mysocige
society ruled
by elites
when the common man
must be put down by contrails
because Malthuis who had to be executed
was right
the earth is a space ship and only
can be crewed by a limited number
now this number is in the billions
which it hard for most humans 
to comprehend when they can not count
past their fingers and toes
and of the 9 billion forcast
the majority will not be able 
to count past twenty

Imagine a scenario where 
instead of being executed on the spot 
for having a virus
you where executed for
your lack of intelligence
how Nazi
how heart of darkness
but when the world
goes into quadratic attack
the glue in the system
will be cleared with authority

You know what I always hate
when a doctor a life bringer
a preserver of precious
boklduy fluids for life
is killed
same goes for any smart human
who could acutally save us
if the lowbrow did not think

Doctors with out Borders 
are today being slaughtered in Syria
and if you believe Assad the buther\that his is
does thins  you need a lobotatoy,

The world is in a criss , an extinction event
hear my voice if you will
but I have solutions
they already exist
just listen to the voices
that push
sustainable discovery/

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...you are a dangerous man...welcome to the club !