Saturday, May 14, 2016

Halliburton Girl

Haliburton Girl was raised by wolves
and can live on red meat
cooking is optional which is 
ironic for teh naturally hot

Haliburton girl needs no cosmetics
to be Kardashian
its just sunlight that makes her
she had northern exposure
and gives me northern lights
all of the time

Haliburton girl does not need GPS 
to navigate
its a fluid calculation about the destination 
and if we do not arrive in good
we are not turning back and driving 
into some lake
by mistake

Haliburton girl knows her man
is just weakj
he got all kinds of spiders 
running round his brain
wanting to conquer the world
and play in the NHL
and its not going to happen
and she knows how to tell\
him so well

Halliburton girl has fat on her bones
cause its always a long winter
and she loves to make the fat move
from her bones

Halliburton girl is color blind
the snow is white and then its brown
and they for a few weeks
green all around
that is her rainbow 
and that is her bite
worse than mosquitoes
and she gives
black flies frights


Oberon said...

...thanks for the posts...and i'd like to see an image of some kind with them...if you please at the top...just for eye candy...thanks.

Steve said...

thats my wife

Oberon said...

...booty-ful...that's what i'm talking about !