Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dance of the Divine

Moses said to Satan,
Man, that was fun
but I've got to cross this river
to get my business done.
Saul said to Sarah,
Girl, button up your dress
your fathers on the prowl
your sins to him confess.
Enoch said to Joseph,
Guy, that was a blast
but I've got to speak to Jesus
to make his divinity last.
Jesus spoke to Krishna
You know, we both are alike
but I bet your congregation
didn't nail you with a spike.
Loki sat down softly
with mischief in his sack
he sharpened up his wicked
knife to place in someone's back.
Rama did a pirouette
as Bast slowly turned
to the tune of a saxophone
whilst Surt gaily burned.
Poseidon eyed up Brigit,
Lady, I like your smile,
indeed? said she with a grin,
come here for awhile.
Cronus and Zeus sat
and played a game of chess
with pieces made of jade,
Phersephone to impress.
Yemaya danced with Bishamon
she liked his Shinto ways,
Anubis fancied Balor
(even deities have gays).
Loki fixed a fire
and let the flames rise
he laid a torch to heaven
that lit up the skies.
Odin of the one eye
with his ravens and his son
rode out to find Obatala
waging war on everyone.
They poured libations to themselves
and drank their bellies full
whilst Yahweh said to Allah
'I remember you from school'.
Vishnu played a game of dice
with pilgrims and with saints
watched by tired Ixchel,
bright rainbows she paints.
Hades, bored of hell
sits and contemplates
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos,
sisters and the Fates.
But Loki never can resist
an evil game or ploy
with twine and twig a plot device
more than Balder he'll destroy.
the deities are dancing on,
the deities dance still
they lead us such a merry chase
no doubt they always will.
for every god or deity
be they small or great
are but the stuff of fantasy
that mankind did create.

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