Thursday, May 12, 2016

better man 4U

Pearl Jam covered this pretty well
so its understandable if your thinking
you would expect I could not do
nearly as well
as a rock god
when it came to finding
a women to love

But I did exceed the altitude
of even Nirvana  waves
of pleasure filling the neighbour
hood full of love
where everybody knows
they are there for you
no matter what the colours
even a few black and blue
as long as they were inflicted
by distant planets not joined
forever by gravity
like me and you

So I still dont know
if I am rocket fuel or
just sniffing fumes
at Johnny Rockets
hamburger emporium
where the order is processed
without my cheese

Should you choose to be wrapped in 
balloons and LED instead of goose feathers
we could talk about pillows and every
kind of bedding in the world.
oh not me the better for U man
and its not me saying 
it aint a great plan
its just
I IIIIIIII got out of sync for a quiet a while
and hey it was great and
this is sure a big
and we meet many characters
and that's
me and you


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Steve said...

Thanks for the compliement

Oberon said...

...and it keeps on coming !