Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tidal wave standing

That's the future that is our present
everything we always believed in 
has fallen down

We see that the superheros
are just us behind
gold curtains
and good communications

Every talent is comprised
or they get a horse head
in their bed
to let them know
on on on
no matter
what with
the show

This whole system is 
breaking down
like the ice caps
it goes slowly
drip by drip
until it all
crashes down
and the waves
that emanate
are to big to be
ignored by the holi
poli because they
still recognise
the condition

World fucked up beyond belief
in ways that no war can cure
there is no enemy
no the enemy as the comic says
is our self
we are all living in a bipolar
fight club world
with chronic skeet preoccupies
looking at so many dichotomies
and pleasures
and public service
so gilded in that cage
that everyone wants to be
in that prison
because on the outside
its fucking bleak
engineers wanting to invent stuff
are working at star bucks
and flypapers who
need to move the ball down the field
are working at call centres
making the irrational people
feel the system is meeting 
their needs

The humanity that conquered the world
that was omnipresent with every notion
has been breached by the absolute truth
people for the most part are out 
of their fucking minds
and the few that have any sense
are either ignored or take over the party
and love every favour

The law of uni tended consequences 
should never be ignored
especially if you want
to do something stupid

Case in point the Catholic Church
problem crazy sons were
not priest like
solution celibacy
result a huge number of fathers
for centuries diddling alter boys

I cant think of a time or a case
where humans got it all right
the French Revolution for sure
and American Independence
was a great cure.
But the winners did not learn
and like the Who said
new boss same as the old boss
but in both cases the new boss
was less anal retentive
and the ball moved
down the field so far
its no longer football
its a sailing regatta

Now today right here
in your neighbourhood
the future exists
and the past we should all 
know about 
and the present sucks 
like a 50 calibre chest wound

So how to get some air back
into our collapsed lungs?
That's what I am thinking aboot
and everyone should do the same
because when you cant breath
you got a very rational aspect
on life that overcomes
prejudice and wealth and status
humanity has to say to itself
hey we want to live

There is no science fiction
only a distribution of resources
and sure some lazy pigs will abuse
the system
but the majority
will propel us so far
the Gods we think control everything
will admire our mathematics.

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