Saturday, April 23, 2016

patriotism and nationalism

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Russell Duffy said...

I'm afraid I am neither. Nationalism frightens me. It overlooks the fact that the human race is one species made up of various off-shoots of the same race. Broadly speaking, as proven by multi-million DNA samples, there are two races on Earth - blacks and lesser blacks. This fact is doubly evidenced by anthropologists who's discovery's suggest hominids originate from Africa. Therefore, the fixation with nationalism is reductive. It selectively promotes one 'tribe' over another. Erecting false borders that attempt to reverse nature's unwritten law that migration is a normal event. The only reason, in fact, the single reason, we have borders is to maintain the status-quo. The richer nations keep out the poorer peoples of this world. If we had equity among the many countries on this planet, if poverty were made obsolete, then immigration would no longer be a problem.

As for patriotism, I am a patriot to the species I belong to. I may have been born in England but that cannot define me. I have Irish and European ancestors, therefore, I am first and foremost human. Should some invader land on the shores of my homeland, be it Britain, America or Borneo, I would fight them with all I have. I dislike wars but self-defence is as natural as breathing. And the defence of family, friends and home is paramount. That, though, does not mean I am a patriot to a nation.