Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh say can you see by the dusk's grey light a nation once great fading from sight.

Some time ago, around the mid to late forties, The United States of America moved into the premier position of power. It effectively elbowed the dilapidated British Empire from the top spot, from being the world's number one superpower. This was a much-welcomed event even for the Brits, those of them anyway long tired of Imperialism.
The rise of the USA also brought with it a sense of liberality to those in England tired of the straitjacket of pomp, circumstance and forever knowing ones place. The Yanks did not know their place. In fact, the very idea galled them somewhat.
They gave the world Hollywood, Coca-Cola, Jazz, Levis, Converse Sneakers, the Blues and ultimately, Rock and Roll. It was a time of youth, world youth and even though those British imposters, The Beatles, sat firmly on that throne, still the thrust of change came from America.
Then Margaret Thatcher was elected. Then Ronald Regan. Two Neo-Conservatives with singular minds. They didn't much like the way the young had challenged the establishment so set about destabilising all those changes made, replacing them with what Margaret Thatcher called, 'Victorian Standards.
It was the end of the world as we know. And no, I don't feel fine.
A nation built on secularism is now drifting to a right wing fundamentalist viewpoint, evangelical in their zeal with mammon in their hearts.
Every coin turns a profit.
Now the United States, that beacon of modernity is taking a short walk back to Imperialism via Cruz and Trump. And as they march in reverse like a scene from a Monty Python movie so the rest of the world giggles unbelievingly at the idiocy being shown by candidates unfit for the Presidency.
Let's hope Europe will not deal with such as they. I know Britain will as that is now a state without a star.

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