Friday, March 25, 2016

My Little Gaia

I googled expecting planet pictures and this is what I got so I went with it

my little girl
is  six feet tall
she could sweep
you so hard
into a hospital
you would fall

she loves me
and hates me
because I am
so tall

We fit together like
but not like
people age
from different 

mind games
know no centre
there is no
steam available
for download
we write our
own program
and its a pleasure
to observe

long before
the tomahawk reactor
was ever conceived
we sparked nuclear fission
in a celestial laboratory
creating a reality distortion field
that Steve Jobs
would love to emulate

every moment with her
is a millinium in the human
looks like my time
will last at least 
a billion years
with her in
my life

Human animals 
are consuming the planet
my nihilism is to
enjoy the meal
the sustenance
the connection
that makes
all the destruction
in my life 

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