Thursday, March 17, 2016

Into Perpetuity (Re-Write)

it's the same old drama
it's the same old scene
but the nightmare won't stop
no matter how hard we scream

July 1st, 1916.
in a matter of minutes, 20,000 British soldiers were killed with a further 40,000 wounded.
This was one day's battle that would ultimately slaughter 500,000 British and an equal number of germans.

A grand total of 37, 508, 686 died during world war one.

in the muds of Europe
or some distant plain
man kills man
again and again

February 13th and 14th, 1945, somewhere in the region of between 30,000 and 130,000
innocent civilians were massacred when the British bombed the city of Dresden. There was a grand total of 55,014,000 casualties during world war two.

and even in dreams, the same
hideous scenes keep flashing
across our global screens

Then there was Afghanistan. And then there was Iraq.
And next?
We are capable of composing music to make angels weep, of writing plays to make audiences laugh, poetry to steal the breath from your lungs and still man's madness continues.....

Now Syria.

...with an alarming regularity, the brutal nature of man surfaces with a violence that is both random and terrifying and ultimately evil. how can any priest, cleric or holy man explain away this utter and total blasphemy?


one life.
one heart.
one kind.
one world.


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