Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How Free is the Internet in Canada?

The Internet has become the defacto barometer for freedom. Just like you can judge the quality of a civilisation by the state of its public washrooms, you can determine how egalitarian a society is by the level of freedom exhibited by its servers.

Yes its a hugely important subject that people take for granted. Two stark explanations, its so free people don't care to thinkaboot it, or our lizard brains are so programmed we dont care about freedom. Esoteric Exercise for Esotericas.

The people at Freedom house want your opinion about the state of Internet Freedom in Canada. They have chosen as their vessel the esteemed Allen Mendelsohn.  Yes he has more degrees than a thermometer, and Ironicly all from Brick and Mortar Institutions. You may have seen him as the CTV go to guy on Internet law, or sitting in the stands in his famous half and half.

Its a vitally important subject please chime in.

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HF29 aka HH29 said...

"More degrees than a thermometer" <-- love this!