Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Suicide isn't painless.

White, middle-age male suicide has hit 40% in the last 10 years. Why?

Middle aged Americans are turning to suicide in alarming numbers. The reasons include easily accessible prescription painkillers, the mortgage crisis, and most importantly the challenge of America's troubled economy. The Centre for Disease Control suggest suicide rates due to automobile deaths is in the increase among this age group.

Whilst in the UK, new figures show that men in their forties and fifties are twice as likely to kill themselves as the rest of the population.

That more men take their own lives than women is not new. But in 1981 the men’s total was only about double, or just under, the women’s. Now it’s nearly four times as many.

Is this due to the austerity measures the UK government have rigidly adhered to or is there something else to it?

The fact that middle-aged men do not feel they have a life anymore due to a number of reasons but chief among them is their workload could be another factor.

Since 1973 wages have pretty much flat-lined. This has meant both couples have to work. It has also increased the pressure on families.

Whatever the reason this is shocking news and has to some degree be attributed to the way we all have to work these days. Slaves to the wage working in a servile state whilst the few get the money whilst the others commit suicide.


Steve said...

its all part of the great collapse, No one cares what is documented cause they already know.

Russell Duffy said...

'No one' is an absolute. By the very nature of saying 'no one' you are inviting someone, just one someone, to say they didn't know. There are no absolutes.

Steve said...

I was refering to the collective no one

Russell Duffy said...


Oberon said...

...i think about suicide every day...both my parents killed themselves...and two of my stepsons as well...is it wrong ?