Friday, January 15, 2016

Love and all those hard long term connections

Love you cant start it like a automobile
and you cant kill it with a suicide vest
pure Warren Zevon rip off
but why is it illegally
under threat by the FBI
to take ideas and push 
them forward
that as a matter of fact
is why we are so fucked up
the copyright holders
are holding us back

I am so fortunate in my life
I have only loved one
women and coincidentally
she is my wife
so I do not know the turmoil
of heartbreak
and the tsunami of human 
that happen
when one side or the other
declares war
and says 
not you

Never had my heart ripped out
and stomped on
because to my love
I have always been true

Love at first sight does
not work for everyone
but it has sustained me for
four decades and I never
think about moving on
cause she is the light of 
my life
somewhat older 
but still a staggering beauty

Good connections make 
every device work
and they need to be maintained
if you want to avoid
a divorce

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