Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do not fight the future when you know the past cause

Local battles have been one and beachheads of alliance will in
the future be portrayed
but the complete postdated
is no where close to complete
Terrorism is the symptom
but Nihilism is the disease
and if JT wants to save
the world point him to this
fact as the root cause

Nihilism is the default reset
for the lizard brain
so when we cant connect
we reset
and the world goes
to hell over and over again

Nilisim is animal
eating the last breeding
pair of buffalo
cause I am hungry
in the modern world expressed
best by those in prison
who really do not give
a fuck

I have traveled this world
and seen more than anyone
and that's my statement
and I ask anyone
alive to deny it

I really believe
like Jonathon Swift
or the others
that followed him
I do not need to
cut my ear off
to be heard

here I am seemingly
and talking nonsense
all day to customers
who if they had
their choice
would never talk
to me in any way

Nihilism is our nature
and organization is
the fascist part
but if a human can
be free every
other human
the art

Some art is huge
and some is small
but it does not matter
because as it turns
out it is a collective
and a smidgen of beauty
in the darkest part
can bring sunshine
to the universal me
and you

Today I rage

at the headlines at the headlines 
if you study history 
never change
created to distort
and empower the devil
cause in the minds of
very effective men
Satan is God
and has always been alive
but for true believers
its not reality just
another brilliant disguise
that caught the holi poli
in their sweet spot
and in a grip so
hard and fast
they are doomed
forever to never
be alive

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