Thursday, December 17, 2015

Life is like Lego

Life is like Lego we just have to collect the right
and assembly them carefully
but the biggest problem is
we don't know how to
deal with the ones we have
let alone obtain the special part
that make a life masterpiece
of perfect harmony

The partner brick is the one
the one magic assembly
that every predistitator
needs to create
an illusion of mastery
over life because
we can think that
way if we are powerful
our models may be torn apart
in the future and reallocated
for some other lovers
part, but today all that matters is
that the modules fit perfectly

I made a Lego submarine and drowned
an ant in the rain barrel
and I was Jacques Cousteau
and Blackbeard
and someone named AL

I carried in my backpack 
through life all those bits and pieces
tearing apart and reforming
things beyond belief
and still when it came 
to love I found the 
directions for completion
were totally from
from God or someplace else
but I never had a choice in
the matter my brain
became a tunnel of love
with two trains hitting 
head on and dissolving
with no casualties
into one 
soul mate
two beating hearts
but one frequency

Yeah Lego Lady
minifig of beauty
you assemble me
totally under your
loving every second
you put me together

When our plastic parts
melt under the sun
of an earth with 
too much CO2
I will join you 
gladly in the trash bin
because really truly
forever you 
complete me[LEGO.JPG]

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