Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fractul Sailing

Fractal sailing on the seas filled
with glyphs and ancient alphabets
so complex and momentary that
none of the technology needed
to run the stars
had been left behind
to serve the seventh extinction
of civilisation

Sitrap says
buckle up baby
in a steel ceramic
laminate baby

The formula
seems cant get hot
the faster than light
trading of the future
has left anything more
just a series of diminishing 
returns except on the comming
occasion a long quoted
easy precept of the inexact science
of invisible hand self
rectal exam individual
ober all
insanity that prevails
way to much
in a world with so
many different kinds
of the planets
smartest apes

When the farabuchi falls down
and is picked up because the GOD 
Particle Particle Particle of infinity
has been proven scientifically sound
and like making genetic fish
the people of the earth will be able
to create fantasy world
complete with unicorns
and pots of Gold
for more people
not only the most
bold and clever
who use the lesser
as cannon fodder

We are living in our business
world where everything is
done better better better 
said three or three thousands
times better 
than anything a government 
of people has done anywhere

The future has no place for slavery
poverty or discrimination of any kind
let the worlds people who are as everyone 
knows on this spinning dice 
look at the result
when the odds
are all
over placed

Fractaly Fucked and and I ran the math
until the cpu gave up and told
my prediction program that the leaf
would win the Stanley Cup

Why does the world spend in my rough 
estimation about $6 trillion on military ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready 
When so many are waiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting wating
waiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting wating
and if you thought about it generously
counting the dollars of political
favours and chum deals
like airport radar scanners
that exposed you to the truth
about Fukushima and you 
never felt good 
about abooot aboooot aaaabooot
turning on the power again
cause if you give me a choice
 between not having a 55" screen
while the leaf are in the playoffs
and on the verge of winning the Stanley
Cup because its a micle they got this far
at all. In the game series and match before the
principle one
these teams will play in the future
I know this because I watch TSN and Sportsnet
and just generally subscribe to every cable element
that has to pay a bribe
to promote the leaf
cause the corporate teat
bet on Stanley Cups
and then realised
by mistake 
all those references to princess 
where not some kind of code 
meant to suppress the even
below believe levels of supplicant
that are the press
cause journalism died when
it replaced pride with dollars and cents
instead of making the world better
a craft build with many hard knocks
and flagrant legal Pearl.

For example hey kids there are some
things you can goole and others
you just must know
if you have a snowball
chance in hell of serving
the Zombie Apocalypse
because no matter how
hard you prepare for 
Zombies your going to
find the people of the illuninati'
are so over you
they will fix their brand
as humanitarian because
they made mother nature
kill you and there once 
again are no fingerprints you 
can attach to the brand
just like the bullet
that fell out of Kennedy
cause the ride in that
ambulance had been so
for sure a bullet without
a scratch on it
would have fallen
out of me and you

World listen up and hear
a Northern Tiger roar
its very game of Thrones
a political soap opera full
of the struggle between good
and evil as if they were equal 
forces when the math
say everyone would
rather be Bill Gates 

If the great JT can
craft not only a plan
but a reasonable 150% overshoot
on the initial investment
every one in the country
would agree government is 
a good investment because
you know it can be braver
than the average man
because collectively no matter
what artificial measure the 
man can label us wiht
we are one tribe 
we are on people
we live together in constants 
sunshine or darkness 
its all what kind of education
one has had to give the practitioner
a real chance to see the light
the stars, the galaxy and the universe
it alll there babies, sugar plum faries
and Bruce Jenner wannabes 
cause if  can indulge you for
a moment longer I need to explain
that it started with Primer and it moved
on into the hard to explain Primary Color
the movie that made the worm turn.

Best Practises 
I endorse them all
expect when I am 
all fucked up by
alcool or the drug
of choice given
what day is on the Calder
and how many days
till the new presciption comes

and I congratulate myself 
for being drug plan paid
legal working higb
prescription good time

I jumped again into the future
and the year is two thousand and
so I light some kandles and watch
them untill the last flicker
when the battery ran out
and ask myself
who needs nature
when one can enjoy 
oneself alone in such
a joyfull individual experience
as a virgin
but fortunately I can
share this media orgasm
with society
free speech it means
everything in everywhere
else how can we be infored
sharpen our pencils and pens 
into swords
and I just realised why
we are apes
and fucking baboons
those freeze fucker 
make all the best trade deals
and sell the best weapons
it not only legal its what everybody
contributes the most for
so it must be the smartest policy because
this monumental devotion of resource
to bang a drum in the corridors
of diplomacy saying
if you want to go 
15 rounds 
I might not win
but as Mike Tyson opponent
might of do you realllly
reallllly  reallllllly  reailllly
want to lose that ear on live
TV because some day in the future
and actually as you know I am 
looking backwards at every 
keystroke to make sure
I am not being a jerk
like like like like the Canadian thrown under the bus so hard they did not need to pour concrete when he died because obviously Canada lied. Tell me little Ben just decided to shoot up on his own. Me personally buddy salute you as a Canadian Hero who just got caught first because when it comes to fucking wiht
chemicals or anything the Americans are always one step ahead of the worst. So Canada let you down with our backward Chemistry or I like to think as you
do it was the CIA who gave you a drink on that day that alerted your future for all the time we have that Seoul Olympics on line.
Now some future history may say that you won, it depends upon how long
the new reality tv series lasts
and the testiest must be on

While the planet the blue and white and small green spaces
swirls on spinning on an a xix
with no y no other way
no chance to just say
hey sunny boy 
or are you a girl
or any other 
or other better outcomes
like an economy
that works for us
not as a machine
to take every last nickel
out of my jeans

I grew up before the internet
in a land that was as white as
the snow and the first time I saw
in person a black man.
I got to tell you you  you and you\
comming from a community that had \
never seen a black man before it
was a 60 s experience no body talks about

It was my old man
the guy who would vote
blue if you whistled and
in came  a hound dog

That last stantz as I have 
indicated needs some interpolating
and fortunately I am ama  am
anata wa still living on
this frequency 
cause I was really hoping
for change
I will insert the comperail 
here for Canadaa with umlats
now that there is room for 
German speak in Canada again
without thinking
Harper paves a dark road ahead

Justin Justin juSTIN
its clear after 9 years of Canada Farts
smelling like drinking 
something something something
that can be described in many
ways, so many ways even love
for the black gold that should
always displace the world above
or on the side
starboard or port 
humanity floats on a sea of oil
like some heroin addict that
thought hooking A pipeline
up to the human brain would duplicate the wonder
of the Ming dynasty
where every civil Sergeant
and even generals in the ultimate
positions of war and peace authority
were Eunuchs. Yes that me and cut your penis off
and put it in a jar and if you are loyal and dont die
by the horrific amputation at some
time the jar
with the sharp tip 
of you jewels
will return

For me that is the base line. Everybody done some poop
in the Neighbour hood
is it not ironic
that to get powerful you think
more about pooping 
than eating
and if I could identify
the supplement the DNA
I would give a fee 
release but I get to name 20
subway station as the way
I want to be remembered

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