Tuesday, November 3, 2015

tired of my fat ass

I am tired of sitting on my ass
its not that fat
but its still
killing me slowly
like an accelerator
of the the Bob Dylan
song that states
those that are not busy being Born
are busy Dying
are busy dinning
so many people
today so busy doing
it reminds me of the game
of thrones only in the real
world its not the winter
the rulers fear
for the cold can be fatal
long before heat cuts you
and as Hitler and Napoleon
learned the hard way and one
was a stupid dunce not to know
the trek to Russian
is a motherfucker
trying to catch hold of his
mother in six feet of snow

Today that is history past
and in the present people sit all
day on big fat asses
and bony petite ones
and every kind of ass
you have ever seen
or can ever imagine
has sat on a chair
likely way more
than is healthy

Project Fat Ass
eyes only officers in
the Zombie and Space Lizard defence force
those who race relativity
with no chance of their exploits
being seen
still Jones Spaceman did
not to see a tricorder equipped
space suit to know
his ass was numb
and he should
kickback with someone
if it got bad enough
or just in general make
a move like water
water can flow or it can
be like water my friends
the zombies cant swim

Project Fat Ass
has two cheeks
that must be kissed
that's why every part of the project
mention is already there
in the countries where the double peck
is de riguer

Make the people walk and take transit
and make that a better experience than driving
in the lump sum. Sugartax the fat down causes just like
alckool tabak, and soon to be advanced smoke and cake dope,
To govern with best effect
the leader should be guided
by the principles that break the most
bricks and the least hands
when concrete and human will collide
Good government can make Canada bulletproof
sitting mostly above the USA
we have climate change blowing wind
into our sales due to Geographic size
and salt and pepper scarce population

Make the world the citizens live in pleasant
posh is a roller coaster
most only the lonely survive
the rest of the gilded participants
falling off the yacht
dinning at the last camp before
the summit at Everest
or blowing both your
lungs scuba diving
in the Maris trench because you
far exceed the depth
humans could tolerate
I know it was mostly
a simple mistake
because the actor
did not know
there was no movie
no script
no guidance
just improv 24/7 in a world
where the majority of the population
are all some kind of joker in disguise
you just dont know what the card
will do until your in the game

They do it in Europe
THey have done it for 50 years
for me thats a lifetime of wage slavery
compared to my Euro brothers
and to tell the truth I loved all my jobs
and always do my best to make sure the
customer is happy and loyal and wants
to buy the rest as soon as the budget
is approved
be that the partner
or the CEO
the principle is the same
its just that the consequences
do not remain quite
the same
but if you get lucky and
pick the right door
the tunnel in the sky
appears and you walk
through to a world
where people flew
and thought and
just buggered off alot
yet the Firma prosper
because they work smart
and use capital like it was
intended, not buying additional space
for men when a Robot can compact
that footprint like a a supermodel trying to
hide her size 15 on the runway

sometimes when the day has been rough
i put up my feet at the end of the day
and just stare at them endlessly
until a hit comes to my head
from my life monitor
and it tells me move
get off your fat ass

I have felt this same impulse
in so many ways
and diverse locations
strewn all around
the big circle of the
world upon which
we all walk
has anyone ever ever
we will sit upon the world
cause even though way to many
people think that way
no one would ever do it
cause it sounds stupid
now if only we could
get dictators and elected fascists
to agree
you want to walk the world
and enjoy a place where
your just a visitor
at streelevel
not some kind of purchase
prince striding around
with no clothes but
worse abhorrent dignity

My revolutions is starting today
and its called
get off your fat ass in anyway
if you need to full Tyler Durden
I suggest you watch Mr Robot
before you blow anything up
or take blood
that will cut you back
cause the ying and the yang
spend most of their time
on coupling bad deeds
than freeing the good

Paul McCartney Band on the Run

Stuck inside these four hemispheres
Been living here forever
Turns out climate change was no game
Like you, sugar daddy
You, daddy got oil...

If we survive a 100 years
Thats my thought today all the way
To a safe galaxy
All I need 1000 light years an hour
If I ever find earth three
Earth three Earth three

Well, the glacier exploded with a mighty crash
As we fell into the desalinated sea
And the first one said to the second one there,
"I hope you're having fun."
cause I cant swim
and there is polar bear
on your six

Human on the run, human on the run
And the jailer man,
was Exxon
and unbelievably it was all
done according to plan
Were searching everyone
For Exxon on the run, Exxon on the run.
For Exxon and friends on the run, Enron on the run.

Well, the paid economist 
drew a heavy sigh
Seeing no one else had bothered
to read what he wrote
and was about to be spoke today
and anyone who knows anything
is an Economist is person who
reads tea leaves written in phony math
and attempts to explain
why the invisible hand
should not be sent to the land
where Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy
and the Easter Bunny reside.

Ok man you are walking down the street
you have on your power clothes
and by chance its New York City
where the game is always
rigged half way
And a bell was ringing in the village square
For the billionaires who placed the whole
chip on the past
when any rational thinker
must know the future is
way ahead.

Band on the run, band on the run
And the jailer man,
And sailor Sam
Were searching everyone
For the band on the run, band on the run.

Yeah, the band on the run
The band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run

Well, the night was falling
As the desert world began to settle down
In the town they're searching for us everywhere
But we never will be found

Band on the run, band on the run
And the county judge, who held a grudge
Will search for ever more.
For the band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run

Run Run Run away
I guess to Mars
when this planet is dead
at least you will still have the interne
and anything important will
all be on screen
so whats to miss
you never smell the grass
anymore anyway
its just another task to hire
out when you manage a house
a place you used to live
before it made more
profit to farm out
for a nickel
for a dime for
a dollar
for what the poor bugger
who cleans your can
sops up in a day
when the subway
says overtime

I cant live in a dirty world
I have been there
believe me
but to visit is not to paint
a place
where dirt is part of the
not a germaphobe
just dont like my poop
in the face in anyway

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