Thursday, November 12, 2015

Me stung by a bee recently

Thetas my face
I know everyone has one
two or are everyone
two faced just like me
and sometimes four
if I want to climb bAx
of the floor

I am not into Selie's
or the face book plan
I need to live off the 
because as humans go
I am lone wolf 
born and raised
and live according to that

If you want to cage me
I got to tell you
it takes me 
lots of money
to get me 
off my plAn

and when the money donut
come I turn over rocks
looking for a fortune
but this does not seem
to me to be a higher
payoff activity

So now I work at the shitfactory
processing intellectiusl\
with a smile and
I love how stupid you be

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