Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS and the Holocaust

The true story of the Holocaust has never been written
until I did it today
I will make many factual errors
and my math may not add up
to the extent the deniers will add
my truth to their stump of lies
after the tree of knowledge and probity
has been sacrificed to a cause
which to this day befuddles me
cause if you look at the 21st Century
no one with any clued
is going to say the Jews are in charge

The tale really begins with the old Testament, or the Torah as the Jews call it. WHICH, brings up a salient point of identification that has long bugged me. The Torah is a very significant document. Its like calling the declaration of Independence the colonist wishes historically. Why do we call Wien, Vienna, and a hundred other misidentifications that lead me to ramble without logic.
I am no biblical scholar so I do not know if quoting anything leads to ecumenical
For sure it make for a lot of misinformation to be polite when talking about
absolute born in poured concrete lies. These kinds of facts are not new
the Greeks wrote plays of them, and all over Europe you can find Roman artifacts built with taxpayer dollars for the majority that never did enjoy that highway, spa or splash.

Some time long in the past a group of citizens were bound together by tribal bounds
but more than that an idea of a people.  
This was Apple three thousand years ago.   The Jews became the Ipeople. The ones God loved best. Through self reinforced good behaviour they advanced over the Microcontrol tribes. No one could join the Ipeople. No you had to be born into the OS. I am sure this firewall against virus was not appreciated.
Time went by and the Jews who were slaves to a great extent made their move with Moses. They did a reverse takeover and drowned all the option seekers to make a healthy return to the lands they remembered.  There is a really complicated history of this. Who is right who is wrong, in the end today we have Jews
in Jewersulam pulling the levers of power to make it totally Jewish ground. People who wandered for thousands of years recently found Gold and now they want to make the rules, how audacious.

Do not ask me about Jesus the Jew.  Do not ask a Rabbi about this. They will give you an answer as complete as asking Steve Harper about the Mike Duffy senate appointment. The fact is to the Jews, Jesus is a  Caucasian Santa Claus. Thinkaboot it folks for a minute. If the people there on the ground do not know about him,  and the people who reverb him only discovered him 300 years later we might not be getting the full story from either side. Nevertheless from the time of Constantine forward the Jews killed Jesus. This fact or fictional absurdity is the foundation of the holocaust. We can kill Jews freely and without sin because some Jew in a narrative authorised the killing of a messiah. 

So lets be clear. The people who created the first testament, which is really the only part of the King James Bible that is coherent, killed the messiah and failed to ever mention it. Going forward through history they are the people using  a Linux based code who are considered by Microcontrol to be a rouges  Ipeople app that killed Jesus. The Jesus app had so much potential, anti gravity, element transmutation, and with the healing power to end socialised medicine forever. Despite the fact that the Jesus app has shaped and precisely controlled at least two thousand years of history, the Microcontrol people remain bitter. 
As they have no sense of shame and are immune to best practises they are increasingly embarrassed. Despite the fact most people in power use the Microcontrol app to do business, the Ipeople thrive.  Small in numbers but equipped with better software they dominate the fringes of the Microcontrol world. While Microcontrol despite huge tax breaks continues to make slow progress, the Ipeople flourish and riffinking on the nonsense,  they manipulate Adam Smiths invisible hand with great dexterity. In fact for most of the middle ages handling money was less respected than arbitoriy.

This makes the Microcontrol programmers furious and they declare the Ipeople a virus. So they often through history attempt to purge the Ipeople program from the system. This goes on for centuries but in the end the Ipeople dominate with their clever software and software developers.  How do you develop Ipeople software. As I said it was a closed architecture.  The Jews breed themselves for success. Long before science they knew the DNA is the key to a healthy society.  Some people will say DNA is nonsense. If they can make a good argument for that case I assume they had a great upbringing. For sure DNA is more than half the equation,  but healthy simulation can bring scores up to fantastic all the time. Jews hit both sides all the time since the beginning of time and it made the big thinkers of every age furious.

Now I tell a Lee Kuan Yue  Joke, but it is so instructive. First let me quote a famous Jew.
"You will not get ahead pulling people down into the same hole you are in." That's a fact and a thing about modern politics that should give us all fever.  I am not a worse ass hole than that guy so I should be leader, oh the humanity.

The Lee Kuan Yew joke goes like this. First if you do not know who Lee Kuan Yew is your ignorant. Your letting the world tell you how it spins instead of trying to figure out
why it spins thus. So back to the Joke.

Lee Kuan Yew for all his faults and few foibles really believed in a better life for all. Its really well documented. Sure he cared more about Singapore than the world. However the China of today is built on his legacy and we can only hope they continue to find leaders that had his benevolence. I can not say enough good things about Singapore.

So Lee Kuan Yew is meeting his neighbours in an informal setting. Lets just say
cognac all around. A member, not to be named forever from the ruling Junta of Mymarr
is strutting around Orchard Road using his ill begotten credit card to the max  like a peacock of absurdity. Of course  the former Harry Lee has him targeted just like every other citizen on the constant surveillance network.

After a few co's they speak.
"General baby if you listen to me I can make Myanmar all Orchard road. It will take five to ten years but if you look at Singapore which has no resources you can be assured it will be easier in Myanmar which has a genius booty of low hanging resources we can call dollar fruit."

The General replies " Listen you Jewish Chinese motherfucker, I can make Singapore look like Myramar in two weeks, so shut the fuck up."

The holocaust, the worst stain on western civilisation ever. Why you ask, because by 1930 we knew better. I can forgive arrogant ignorance, but not sophisticated manipulation. A complete an utter breakdown of institutions. A lizard brain factory where the grey zone produced. How could this happen in 1930's Germany? Could it happen again? If I am a Jew should I be wondering if my neighbour will hide me or turn me in?

Just as an aside if I was a Jew today I would be very worried. The Rabbit Bomb is primed and growing bigger everyday. The crazies are massing and if the right needs a sacrificial lamb to hang on Jews will be the first on the skewer. As if you do not know the only reason the American Right clings to you is that they honestly believe only over your dead bodies can they reach heaven. Sick stupid fucks.  The people back home seem to be stuck on the Dig channel. Maybe the Jews born of Diaspora are always in the end going to be that way. Meeting in secret synagogues and chatting with their gentile friends on the fringes of the net.

I tell you right now we are in a pre Holocaust preparation. Snitch lines and reward for reporting trivial stuff. If you see a blank behaving in way that makes you nervous be sure to phone in, I will call you non observant if you do.  I am going to hide my neighbour, Jew , Muslim, Scientology's or Pastifarian because I do not believe in a general roundup.

Now your thinking I am drifting but not really I am still focused on the reason
there was the Holocaust. Its all about vision in my eyes. Who looks at the artwork.
How much value did art have in 1930 compared to today? I say nothing, its like all the hockey cards and comic books your mother threw away.  Taking that into account by my numbers which I have said before are flawed and subjective the Jews in Europe owned about 75% of today's treasured art world. I do not think I have to explain this was not simply due to wealth. Many of the great works were done by Jews, Jews likes art, and Jews in general had the disposable income to buy something most would consider crap but they liked. That said I do not think a Klimt should ever leave Austria. Its complicated.

Magnify this by a society crippled by reparations where the Jews seemed to be the least affected. Put into place a Harper like divide and conquer politician, and soon you have deathcamps as a means of power.

In requiem, the millions and I do not know the number. People make big fusses over whether it was two million or six million or whatever.  After a thousand it becomes a big number. If its government sponsored it becomes a holocaust.  I believe it was likely not six million. Its just my cynicism at work, I in no way would debate the six million number. Nevertheless my final thought on the holocaust is how magnificent Germany today would be with all those Jews.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine has the Fearing. These are the prototypical Jews. Easter Egg to everyone, this race is not Jewish. There are people in our world today who are truly examples of the worst portrait of what it means to be acquisitive.

I should not have to say it if you read my blog religiously. I am a big Jewish  San Francisco cocksucker  NTTIAWWT. I like most Israelis think Netanyahoo is a flawed con man who worked the bushes to make his family name wood. We celebrate Jews every day in our daily life.
Best practises and all that, we could do worse than all be Jews.  Okay I got a problem with the circumcision. Yet its just another best practise run amok. Kind of like buying booze in the USA, where no matter the age you look, they must ID. If for one we must then we all shall face every indignity to show up in the world as a better place.

We Christians pray that God will forgive us and help us today but at the top of the list
please let the God Bouncers let us into the Heaven Club. Jews pray really hard you can see them everyday working hard at the wailing wall for a better world. I know this for a fact cause on a subway one time I was all alone with a Hassidic Jew for an extended period and I did the natural thing, I talked to him. I wanted to know from this kid what the clothing and the haircut was all aboot. I may disagree with his fashion and style. but in his hopes for the world, we shared a right.

Steve you say why do you care about the holocaust and the true history? I axe myself often, and get some real cuts from that tool. The fact is that I think myself smarter than the average fool. I have seen this world like many before, but I saw it different because that is my wile or illusion of something I believe is understanding.

I do not fear ISIS or NAZI, Republicans or other extremists because I know in the long run
all people are still the same. Like Sting said "we can only hope the Russians love their children too"  Sure I am horrified by the work of terrorists but people this is nothing new. Ask the Archduke Ferdinand. ISIS and Al Queda are terrorism with Madison Ave working pro bono. They thrive on being attacked, I think there was a Star Trek episode that pointed that out in the sixties, yet we continue to walk into the sucker punch.

What I am trying to say in summary is that we will all kill the Jews if we are convinced enough. The Germans are a wonderful people, and IMHO in the 21st Century the star to hang on. So if one man and his will could prostitute this great nation with crude propaganda, image what today's power brokers are doing to your mind today.
Anyone who pumps up the individual is selling you a lie. Great masses of power like
little stand alone flowers when they spread pesticide. No man or women is an island. No matter how great some people are, and their are millions who soar. They did not become successful without you and me, and the people who died to make our institutions, never forget that. Institutions are more important than votes in todays brainwashed economy.

So now that you know the truth as I see it I ask only one thing. Find it for yourself really and next time you have a chance to vote, vote what you truly believe based upon evidence. Its in your hands the worlds future and only you can prevent the next Holocaust.

Only you can connect the dots and wonder why ISIS loves the Jews

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