Thursday, November 19, 2015

I just want to get my kicks untill the whole shithouse burns down

That was Jim Morrison of the Doors expressing his opinion on why he existed.
Today it seems the whole shithouse is on fire. We have an ample supply of fire extingusers but like David Bowie said we seem to be pouring gasonline on the fire.

Do  i need to say again I am a history major
maybe in all my studies which you have
not done
i learned something

I have friends who have more degrees
than a thermomter
but still they
can not spot a fever

The world is in a crisis
and conflict breaks out
when people can
not feed on the world teat

I am always the optomist
I am always a believer
in good institutions
we have all the resouces
and we have not harvested everthing
its only the planet
why not get to work?

We can all live like humans
if we choose

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