Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Martian makes me proud to be an Earthling

If only Ridley Scott had directed Interstellar. This movie has best picture written all over it. If you took Gravity and Castaway and made them both way better you have The Martian. It was the most emotional charged feel good movie I can remember. There was not just one peak but at least 5 high 5 moments, incredible moviemaking.

Five Stars out of Five

Full review with trailer at my movie blog.

I have to admit I would go to Mars
cause I have always dreamed
since reading Heinlein
of walking amongst 
the stars
at the very least
I have become
a citzen of the galaxy

My mission would have 
both weed and potatoes growing
for as we have discovered
you are what you eat,
and you become what you think

Humans can die from boredom
a little weed in a 588 day mission
would keep a human crew sane
and is not overall efficiency
the ultimate test for the NASA
so do not put little dicks in space
when with a stash
there is no mental condom
they could not smash
sure I would throw in some
shrooms, and LSD
for if an astronaut can not travel the
6th astro plane and land back on earth sane
how could they survive the journey
to another planet?

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