Thursday, October 1, 2015

bullshit fountians of reality distorting know how

Bullshit fountains stream shit
to our lizard brains
and no mind
is exempt
your going to have
a shitfaced
mind even if your
not drunk
no one is exempt

Have you ever seen
a crowd undulate
in Africa
and been amazed
at how a billion
people could
react spontaneously
to just one chord

and now you know
how deadly a three
chord can be
if you want to
program the lizard brain
It took me one day
and one night
and I got married

just the same
but was it fair
for me to program
I am the only one
who can
judge if that was insane

I program everyone
who surrounds
me and they have
no anti virus
for how have I
the head of
lizard brain
for a billion year
if I was not Tully
free of the
lizard brain

cut out
a billion years ago
by LSD
Jones Spaceman
is my name
and I an not
a vi son
of alternative

you see those really
do not exist
so be patient
no matter what
its just you
and me

I came from a billion
years ago
due to relativity
and when I landed
here so resplendent
in my advanced PVC
i felt at home

cause the people
running the planet
where so determined
to repeat the cycle
of wiping out

humanity we are a joke
so intelligent
but we can not
a monkey out
of a tree
if it has
a vote

that can be manipulated
for me

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