Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trouble at the top of Trump Tower

There is a burger joint that sits a little above the superhighway that bisects Roppongi from the sky. Its something about Japan that I can not take away. Even though its a burger joint that want more money from me and you.

It tried the burger it was not fine, it was even worse considering that from a twenty I would not be able to pay the smallest bar fine. But something about Johnny Rocket an American Invention was sitting high above Roppongi a area long remembered for other affections, makes me want to sit there , coldly staring atall the people who have no idea what it means to have some steeple. Japan is a plan and its not turning out so well. Not to say anything against the Japanese way, look we are cattle and at the top of herd is the one who can tell us the sacred word. When the slaughter comes she will speak of the heroic deeds of those that died to keep her free of need.

So I think I saw the world, I never dripped myself in poverty because that not where you will sell something to make an improvement on an already perfect world. I searched for a long time for some meaning about what was going on.

If you read Watership Down. its more a eloquent dam you must burst to
be first and ready on your street.

We are living a polar negative life, we cling to our riches but ignore human strife.

Can we fix everyone, every citizen that was someones son? No way I say, thats a war that can not be won. Every little hopeless child with parents that could not sail accross a backyard pond pond would agree, its not fair, they gave us life and after that there is not much upon we could agree.

So as a rich man what is in my life that I could have a better pedigree?

Hey Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and any other billionaire that at least has the decency the human comport to seek a way to be absolved. If you love Donald Trump and another TV preacher who had become rick by manipulate, I fell sorry for you and I offer a solution, just use your own common sense, and knowledge when you meet a stranger. If he tells you that your all alone and he will not be responsible if you face danger, then tell him to move along because we feed our neighbors children. We are all family and anyone who is so scared to hide in their panic room is a case that needs some debate. Steve Harper  I am talking about you.

What a cold hard case you are, and I will not even give your history a chance to say you are not so far from being a human star.

We live in one world, we walk on one street, one can hide on private jets and gated communities but in the end you will die because that is not human.

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