Monday, September 7, 2015

Time stamps Equilibrium

Whispers of life we never hear
the whispers of life
become screams
but for the most
its background noise
cause we never really listen
at all really

When the whispers of life
become scrreams
the source is most
often an unusual thing
one time it brings pleasant surprises
letting pealing joy bells ring
repeated offences become
ugly small town dings
where your car is keyed
and then the horror is
up in everything
no cell phone

Still no matter how loud
no matter how proud
the clock it never stops
its a gravity planetary
trip on life
that we work to save
with psychics and physics
and any damm thing we can
grap hold of
as time slips away

The clock it never stops
be it mechanical, quartz or
worse than that no matter
the price of the timepiece
it will still play with your
continuously distorting time
moving the goal posts fast and slow
when we know
we have more or less
in time in  mind

to finish

here here here here here here here
on our lifeboat defined by location
living in snow shaped spheres
or globes
always shaken
we fool each other
pretending its all real
some kind of grand idea
bigger than getting our
next meal
just because Mr Carrier
invented refrigeration
and the Vikinging
discovered you
can salt a lot of fish.

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Steve said...

Who is the doctor?