Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer is Siam and IED's are Blooming

This picture taken in my backyard reminds me of the beautiful lush vegetation of Thailand. I have spent about a year off and on in this fantastic country. Thailand has its own very unique architecture, Tuk Tuk and whip tail boats. It is also the only South East Asian country that has never been conquered.

I really do not know what to think or who to support in the latest political quagmire. I have been in Thailand during a previous military coup. It was no big deal then, and now likely much the same. The army seems to step in when the ruling elite Red Shirts (mostly ethnic Chinese) loses control of the ethnic Thai.

The twice democratically elected Yellow Shirt party that was ousted is on the surface a populist party spreading the riches a little wider. However, the leaders of this movement seem very adapt at using this process as cover to make out like bandits. The CIA, and Neocons are in bed with the Yellow shirts.

Hopefully the Army can reset democracy for one more try. Based upon my experience I would not avoid travel to Thailand at this time, but may pass on Bangkok. (published May 25th, 2015)

Pool is officially open. After the worst winter in memory the earliest opening in history. Hopefully a harbinger of a wonderful summer. It makes me reflect upon the absolutely crazy weather experienced by most of America last week. Sooner or later this is going to have a serious effect upon the US economy and when they catch a cold Canada gets pneumonia. 

Two of the current Conservatives government's many massive fails are failure to address climate change, and putting all our economic eggs in the energy superpower basket. Canada has gone from a 30% value added economy under Liberal leadership to an 82% hewer of wood and drawer of water under the Conservatives. Serious missteps that will take decades to recover from.

Just like the huge miss on the National Energy Plan of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. If his policy had been adopted Canada would be a Norway with ten times the population.

These two photos make me think aboot transit and sustainability.
Thats an 11 year old bike and it still works like new. I spend about $50 a year maintenance. The cost of buying a machine needs careful consideration, matching needs to budgets and constraints. However the upfront cost pale in comparison to the maintenance costs. That's been the disaster of our transit system.

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