Friday, August 28, 2015

Star Trek Party PM canditate

I know more about Economics
and the connection to 
Donald trump that makes
Rob Ford look thin
while Steve Harpers hair
is sweating bitumen
big time

Which is a stupid
wig to wear
if you are not 
responsible and have never
heard of Norway 
because of the
huhge Exxon

sign that brougt
corporate sunlight
to a legislated
place in a huge
dark night

Whatever may move
all 100 years
the statistician
in charge did
an i8
from the peace tower
its beloved true dr0jes
turned her to hamburger
cause not a single
toxic hot dog
was found

Carlets brilliant
way off the scale
were failure is exceptional
and to go to be  true
on a scale that does
not exceed one  hundred
like the masters of the universe
managing the stars  badly today
no worries brother w
did worse and
now he is a
in Klimtinghampton Hall
its a big world
after all
Hale a lou yeha ya yayu ya
Bad Ass Mother FUkeres
who never did no shit
to nobody
just they were
born that  way
on the old DNA
something no one
can legislate

or vote awa7
they were born
with the  bamf
gene are you  going
to shut that stRandd

when the fucking commmies
are bringing the market down
with  bad comics on the
main board of Shanghais
mixed with fairy dust

from real old fairy dust
who manage thought
in the global game

So when the power of the
morose law even
remotely wears off
people will fake
the environment
and stop stealing
and getting set
adrift in a stupid
world circa

When Jaws
is protecting
you feel safe
in the water
if your swimming
in the ocean
where its natural
your more than brave
male or female
people who love
this planet who
grew up falling
down on grass
instead of cement
and to make matters
worse the Man

gO find your own conspiracy
I already got my own
they all make sense but
are totally insane
and this message
brought to you
by the Pillbox
perhaps your
friend was too
serious about
I am the President thing
before he got his
brains blown away
and everything super cool
about being an American
also died that day

because all the suspicions
became Colombo finale
but in this real life drama
the suspect is always the sake
and in this generation no one
has taken the time to thingaboot

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