Friday, August 14, 2015

Soap Caution, Lust Caution, Zero Hour Trusting, Union busting, Tyler Durdeen getting down!

Greek inocgaphity is timeless

Soap Caution, Soap Caution
the cleanest caution around
being clean is a great advantage
scrubbing the Demetris that is genetically

the body politics
with a natural sound
and super zonic clarity
created dedicated farmed essentially
artificially simulated synthetic organics
brought to you by
your friendly neighbourhood

Bose Bose Bose Bose Bose boss
it sure pops
the first time
but will your ears
stick around
I love my pioneering 501
but today its old
and market hype
about reflections
has not escaped
the aural markets
(what was I thinkingaboot this verse?)

Bubble baths of cash and credit
lounging around in copper tubs
and vaults of imaginary
wealth created by the masters of the universe
because its easier to lead with carrots
than sticks

but at the end of the day
most citizens
statistically more accurate
than the false average
are the mean
pounding bricks
to create castles
in which they will
never live

Buy once your hooked for life
and a wage to your slave
life filled with bright lights
and pleasant experiences
stuff fuelled by
canned emotion
packaged harvested and paid for
with fairy dust and ground unicorn horns

Drunk on Jesus Juice
powerful distillations of
organised religions
intoxicating our lizard brains
with messages we must absorb or
go insane


be shunned by the powerful 
on Facebook
oh the humanity oh the humanity
a personal Hindenburg
created just for me
and ten billion

drinking by Ascension
the Tony Robbins kool aid
we have a sugar shack economy
retrofit sweat sweeting the tar paper 
constructed miracle of shelter
in a shotgun shack

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger on Thursday Friday
and Saturday
Sunday I will fast
Don't call me Wimpy
or I will pop you in the eye
Hamburger caution

Soap caution the best security around
being clean is a great advantage
cause zero hour is cumming down
and big buildings are going to fall
fall fall fall fall fall fall
all the way
down down down
really fucking far far down
even though the authority declared
them fiscally sound
metaphorically and electronically
devastated by the programed
high speed trade
of integrity for credibility
and short term guaranteed profit


based on math fractals
of personality love
and exponential selfies
realized by digital film
that needs no
silver oxide
thinkaboot it

Technology power can push the past aside
but tomorrow and the day after already exists today
in Zen math WA matics
as an overshoot
like playing lawn darts
drunk and you kill
your uncle because
you never realized
games were that sharp
toys don't kill
people do
time for the planetary people
to put the toys
away and act
like we are grownups


I do not ever believe I wrote what I say

God delivered this message

I am just his highest messanger

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