Friday, August 21, 2015

Snow Crash Snowcraft defeated rules governing worlds of simple sustainable neighbourhoods

Addison Elsa Westinghouse Tesla
opened the door
but not for anyone
no more screens using knats
employed than during
the hole use of nets
during the
tse tse war
In her house
she had everything
stuff that money do
not buy

Titanium allies for  widow shades
freindly halos of ceramic balls
capable of entertianing a 50 cal
for three minutes

Anyone attacking Addison pad
would face a very lethal
field of fire
full of feints  distractions
and for the dumbest attackers of all
red herrings
nowhere trips
armed with 50 cal

Bigger threats were a real drain on the system
but sometimes everyone whishes they had bought a laser
to go with the railgun

Addison like everyone lived off the grid
with a Tesla battery and  a Steve Jobs
solar sun.

The power company sued the family
way back in 2015 complaining
about profits or such
nonsense generated
when you have a monopoly
in a capitalist system that
has not seen creative destruction
in  long time.

So miss tesla took
charge of the household
inputs and outputs
because unless
your badly distracted
there is zero water
today coming out of the ground

and the Great lakes are  minnow ponds
and the air is heavy with a sense of defeat
or a question why
carry on its unlikely we can keep on carry on
a thousand years from now 
groups of manicured travelers will
look at our last monuments
and light the Barbie
without thinkingaboot
the mystery

The mystery that we can not
to decide to carry on after
the evidence is given
there have been six failed

Humans have lived through
times so troubled we did
not have cell phones ever
refrigerators did not exist
and we cut ice from the
winters lake freeze six feet
deep and stored it in insulated
barns full of sawdust
upon the blocks
of cooling manipulation
by fooling  mother nature in a sustainable
and by the way although we struggled financially
and had no facebook or close up pictures of Mars
we lived large

large like enormous like
take Kenya West
explode his ego
then map it out
with the expectations
that kind of demographic
is going to spread
we will have a name
for these revolutionary
we will call them
our children
and in defiance
of God
we will save this
planet and prove
we were the generation that
finally filled in the backfill
From Wilber and Orville
or the genetics of it all

Mankind unleashed will
overcome everything
there is no lack of resource
just a lack of a proper management
and the closest we have come is
in tiny tiny Singapore
where they still
speak Chinese and English
and actually have not given up
the idea that everyone in Singapore
should be a millionaire

I have been there a million times
and I swear in that country everything make
sense and most the people live in flats and they
fiscally and socialyy
 happy with that

The authoritarian vein is not
there when you experience the country in person
I have been to the most beautiful lagoon on the entire

Waikiki framed by Diamond head is God

painting the earth with the focus
on HDR

Addison benefited from the phony wars
as well
3 D printing had made working
a choice overall
as long as you had the power
and six pack of growers
you could make anything
the imagination
 could only dream about
mankind had become
a universal libertarian
living thing
Sure Addison had to get
the heck out of the house
from time to time
or upon special occasions
leave her own mind to the
and those primal

Facebook is a daily
water boarding for some
a sucking chest wound
of unexamined
reality tv worthy

No one washed clothes anymore
it was more wealth to print
them everymorin
and at night disposed
another candle
finished is the
is the light
that propels
the sustainable neighborhood

Farming disappeared in North America about
2020 because man found
a way to eat the dessert
or that's what they say
about printed t bone
and Demopolis
and rotta tunne
and so many kinds
of food from every part of the
in a normal life you could eat
a different meal
three times a day and not
exhaust the database if
you lived into
infinity and beyond the
universe we feel

Addison went to work every four year
for the annual evaluation that had
been suspended  because a year
was a moot point
when it came to available
talent in the current
boulevards and learning centers
where speaking a human language
is a career killer

The preppers held on to their farms
rural and urban and made sure
there was food and good companions
that cared about the whole
and from the dust of the 20s
after nearly a decade where
the world truly backed
anything that died cooked
in the slow cooker of the existing atmosphere
still humans starved in the billions
2025 the reaming members of the human
race decided best to live in
a Star Trek Universe because
we have not seen a better

The first Star Trek universe candidate was elected
in 2029 because his platform of leaving this shit hole of planet behind
was so logical
Then came the real Kirk
yes it was Jerry Brown
his head in a bottle
still making sense
and full of facial
the rest of his body
being long long
gone and he refused
on Catholic terms
to have a head transplant
cause he could not image
his ugly face on a beautiful
body like the 80 year old
Kardsians that cornered the market
of canceled with real breast
because then they could spend
at least another 2000
years being genuine
touch and feel if you want
all you need is the proper interface
with the website

Addison had a baby when she
was 54
she waited so long because
she wanted the world to get
before she brought forth life
but eventually the biological clock
raised the alarm
it was like she was a ROOOSTER
and a baby sounds very similar
to the morning crow

Civilization in 2075
taking control of the planetary HVACs
system in a very authorities way
smoothing out the peaks and valleys
and directing the good
parts to the healthy areas
in mans mind
a bad part was always remembered
in Canada
the curse of 2006
All that stopped him
was oil prices
and the hate
of fascists in
a liberal country

The bible today is called
after the uber economy

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Steve said...

I have written everything because I wanted to read it and it was not there. This is my finest work to date. Thank Neal Stephenson and read all his books.